School Games Programme - Update

The School Games programme will evolve from September 2021, concentrating on the least active and those who need it most i.e. those most affected by COVID-19.  The emphasis will be placed around school engagement and most notably,

  • ’60 Active Minutes’ as an entitlement for every child as part of a universal offer for all schools
  • Helping targeted young people to support their physical literacy, emotional, social and physical wellbeing e.g. through events and competitions
  • Having a clear focus on transition points
  • Providing high-quality leadership and volunteering experiences
  • Raising the profile of School Games through schools to parents and wider stakeholders

The PSSP Offer will see some activities remain the same, some will evolve and there will be some new and exciting additions – we want to engage you in the process and understand your young people’s needs.

Our School Games Organisers and I fully support this evolution, as there is a distinct need to ensure we are serving all our young people.  We are, however, very aware just how much our schools value our events throughout the year and we are delighted through our buy-in offer, to be able to include a significant event calendar for next year delivered by our team. 

We are working with Active Devon to finalise the calendar for next year and it will be published in September 2021.

Who to contact

  • Anna Clooke

    Anna Clooke

    Partnership Leader

    Telephone: 07731471023

    Mobile: 07731 471023

    Email: [email protected]

  • Hayley Tasker

    Hayley Tasker

    School Games Organiser & Coach

    Telephone: 01752 515385

    Mobile: 07932 460012

    Email: [email protected]

  • Josh Gilbert

    Josh Gilbert

    School Games Organiser & Coach

    Telephone: 01752 515385

    Mobile: 07929 774570

    Email: [email protected]

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