Widewell Level 1 Netball competition

Thursday 01st April 2021 – Last day of term today and time for the Level 1, Y3 & Y4 Netball competition. We started off the morning with a team warm-up, designed to raise the heart rate and practice some of our Netball skills. Next up we looked at working together as a team to get the ball down to the other end, focusing on footwork and moving into space. After a few more challenges to practice our skills, it was into our competition. We adapted the rules today so that points were scored a bit differently: each team scored a point if they could get one of their players to catch the ball inside the shooting circle, they then had the opportunity of scoring a bonus point for successfully shooting the goal. For both year groups, it was a close contest. When all the teams had played each other, it was time to add up the points… Congratulations to Jennycliff, who were the winners for Y3, and to Wembury, who were the winners for Y4. The combined scores mean that Jennycliff were the winning house this morning – congratulations! Well done to everyone who took part today, I hope you all had some fun.


Claire Cormack

Claire Cormack
PE Specialist Teacher for Tor Bridge, Responsible for Partnership Mainstream SEN

Mobile: 07932 460256
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