School Games Mark- returning!

You'll be pleased to know the School Games Mark is going to be going ahead this year!
To stay in line with the changes to the SG events and framework, they have made some alterations to how it will look this year. 
Attached is the DRAFT document from the School Games so you all have a heads up of how it is going to look, this has also been sent to all PE coordinators.
There is still going to be a bronze, silver, gold, platinum levels to achieve, with it staying the same that you must have four years of gold before being able to apply for platinum. 
Claire has also put together a document helping to answer each question so you can plan what you need to do over the rest of the year to achieve it. Please take a minute to read through them so you can familiarise yourself with it. 

There should be a final document being released ASAP which will sent on when we receive it. 

The window this year will open on the 4th May and close on the 27th July 2022.
If you have any questions, please contact your SGO. 


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Who to contact

  • Hayley Tasker

    Hayley Tasker

    School Games Organiser & Coach

    Telephone: 01752 515385

    Mobile: 07932 460012

    Email: [email protected]

  • Josh Gilbert

    Josh Gilbert

    School Games Organiser & Coach

    Telephone: 01752 515385

    Mobile: 07929 774570

    Email: [email protected]

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