Chaddlewood Primary Year 4 L1 Boccia 01.07.21

Another exciting morning at Chaddlewood Primary today as Y4 were introduced to Boccia. Boccia is a Paralympic sport that is played from a seated position. It is a target game that involves accuracy and strategy and more importantly, is a lot of fun. We set up the hall to run 3 games at a time today to try to squeeze in as much game time as possible.

After a quick introduction to the skills and rules, all of the children were divided into teams, and we got underway. We always advocate that with practice we will see improvement, and this was the definitely the case today: the more games we played, the closer the balls were getting to the ‘jack’ and the tighter the competition became. After each game, all the children moved down one position to ensure that the teams were constantly changing so we played against as many different people as possible.

Well done on learning some new skills this morning Y4, I hope you enjoyed Boccia!

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