Curriculum & Physical Ed Covid Statement

AfPE is aware that the recent guidance from GOV.UK has raised many questions for workforce colleagues. It is perhaps understandable that with the range of guidance, the regularity of updates and the different settings for physical education (PE), school sport and physical activity that there may be difficulty with keeping up to date. 

We have consulted widely in order to seek clarification so as to respond to the numerous enquiries that we have received.

Within the educational context, GOV.UK is the only source for guidance documents and should be checked regularly. Importantly, the pertinent document is that which refers to ‘returning to schools’.

The DfE guidance sets out that “Both the approaches of separating groups and maintaining distance are not ‘all-or-nothing’ options and will still bring benefits even if implemented partially. Some schools may keep children in their class groups for the majority of the classroom time, but also allow mixing into wider groups for specialist teaching, wraparound care and transport.”

We understand that this means schools can choose to make an exception to their arrangements in order to hold fixtures in sports where NGBs have approved guidance which permits such fixtures, and where fixtures are operated in line with that guidance i.e. in sports where it would be possible to hold a nonschool fixture. However, there is no obligation to engage in fixtures and schools should carry out a thorough risk assessment considering the implications should there be a positive COVID case and whether a fixture can be practically and safely carried out in the context of other considerations, such as restrictions on transport.

afPE’s position at the current time is that school fixtures should be avoided, as this will involve contact across schools, and increase the opportunities for virus transmission.

However, it is important to stress that it is the responsibility of every school to minimise risks and therefore avoid any activities/sports that increase the risk. Parents have every right to expect their children to be as safe as possible whilst in school. Community activities are different because parents/carers choose to let their children take part.


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