Yealmpstone Farm KS1 New Age Kurling 23.11.21

Time for some more New Age Kurling but this time with KS1. Over the course of this morning it was my pleasure to work with groups of children from Foundation/Y1 and Y2.

We started off by learning how to play, looking at the best way to approach target sports and having a few goes. Then we played some friendly games against our classmates. We talked about the importance of practice and how it really can help us to get better. That certainly was the case today as we definitely became more accurate over time.

After a few games, we then mixed it up and played a court royalty game – playing as individuals, the closest to the centre of the target got to become our ruler and sit on the throne – all of the other children then had to see if they could get even closer to take their place on the throne instead. I went first so I could at least sit on the throne once – I was very quickly knocked off though!

I had such a lovely morning, thank you all for having me again – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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