Bickleigh Down Y2 New Age Kurling 02.07.21

An exciting afternoon of sport today at Bickleigh Down as we held the Y2 New Age Kurling House competition. Last week I worked with both Y2 groups to introduce them to the sport, learn the rules and skills and have some practice. Then today was competition time! New Age Kurling is a target-based sport that has been adapted from curling so that it can be played indoors on a flat surface. Each team take their turn to deliver a ‘stone’ towards the target at the other end by sliding it across the floor. The score is then determined by the number of stones closest to the centre of the target.

As each class arrived, the children were divided into their House teams and the competition got underway. We played a round-robin style event so that each team got to play all the others. There was a lot of excited cheering as each team strived to win the most points for their House.

It was impressive just how much the children had improved from last week, there was definitely a good deal more accuracy today. At the end of the afternoon, the scores from both classes were tallied and the winner announced…

Congratulations to the Yellow House who were the overall winners today!  Well done to everyone who took part today, I hope you all enjoyed it.

I would like to give a special shout out to Isaac in Miss Bowyer’s class for being the most consistent with his accuracy – every stone he delivered sat nearly on the bullseye every time! Fantastic Isaac!


Claire Cormack

Claire Cormack
PE Specialist Teacher for Tor Bridge, Responsible for Partnership Mainstream SEN

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