Sherford Vale Year 1 Boccia 25.05.2021

Sherford Vale year 1 pupils spent the morning practicing their target throwing skills before embarking on a competitive game of Boccia. 

Boccia is a calming, focussed sport where the acquisition of skill is strongly highlighted through the simple tasks of aiming and throwing.  Year 1 pupils demonstrated that practice improves performance, as by the end of the session, each ball thrown landed closer to the 'jack'. I must remember a tape measure next time - determining the winning team proved tricky in a number of the games!

It was a pleasure to work with such a well behaved and keen to succeed group.  Well done everyone!


Jan Walpole

Jan Walpole
PE Specialist Teacher for Coombe Dean Academic Cluster

Telephone: 01752 406961
Email: [email protected]

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