Sherford Vale Level 1 NewAge Kurling 17.03.21

Another fun morning of competition today at Sherford Vale as we hosted our Level 1 New Age Kurling event. This target-based sport has been adapted from curling so that it can be played indoors on a flat surface. In New Age Kurling, each player delivers a ‘stone’ towards the target at the other end by sliding it smoothly across the floor. The score is then determined by the number of stones closest to the centre of the target.

It was Y3 who got us underway today: on arrival, all the children were put into their house teams and introduced to the sport and the rules – then we were off and running.  Y4 were up next and then to finish our morning, it was Y5.

It soon became clear just how important practice can be when learning a new sport; in all the year groups, the more we played, the more accurate the children became and the more competitive the games were.

At the end of each session, the points were tallied, and the winners announced: for Y3 and Y4, it was Plym House who were the leaders and for Y5 it was Dart House.

When all the points from each session were combined, we were able to congratulate our winning house… Congratulations to Plym House – you take the title of New Age Kurling Champions this year! In 2nd place, we had a tie between the other 3 houses! That’s how close some of the games were!

Well done to everyone who took part today, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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