St. Matthew's Level 1 Dodgeball 10.02.2021

A great morning of high energy activity at St. Matthew's today. Y5 and Y6 were introduced to the complex game that is Dodgeball.

Many people don’t realise how many rules there are or how many tactical opportunities! We started off with the basics and then gradually introduced more rules. In no time at all, we were playing some great (and competitive) games.

As well as learning the game, we discussed the importance of sportsmanship and the many ways in which we can represent ourselves positively when playing sport. It was great to see the children being honest and admitting when they had been hit or congratulating the other team on their success.

All in all, a great morning, and a fun workout. I am looking forward to being back tomorrow for some New Age Kurling with Y3 and Y4.


Claire Cormack

Claire Cormack
PE Specialist Teacher for Tor Bridge, Responsible for Partnership Mainstream SEN

Mobile: 07932 460256
Email: [email protected]

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