St Peter's RC- Kurling & NAK Level 1

On Friday, I ran a level 1 competition for St Peter's RC. Educare pupils from reception- year 6 took part in both an archery and Kurling competition.

We started with archery where the groups took part in their bubbles, and were split into smaller groups to compete against each other. After a few practice shots, it was competition time! Each pupil had 3 arrows to fire at the target and score points for their team. Diffrent areas of the target were worth different points and if an arrow hit the target, their points were added up.

The group chose a 'buzzword' and this was shouted at a random point in the game. Once they heard this, any member of the teams could run and collect one extra arrow for their team to shoot. Extra arrows means extra team points!

In the afternoon they all took part in a kurling competition. The pupils loved this and it was a very tense set of games, as there is no clear winner in Kurling until the last stone has been let go.

Some very good points scored by all the pupils who took part. These will all go towards the virtual archery and kurling results. Don't forget to email your results to Hayley ([email protected]) when your school takes part.

Thank you and well done St Peter's!

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