Chaddlewood Level 1 Boccia Comp 02.11.2020

We kick started our inclusive events program today at Chaddlewood Primary with a Level 1 Boccia competition for Year 3.

The children were allocated a House team to represent and then introduced to the sport. Boccia is a Paralympic sport that is played from a seated position. It is a target game that involves accuracy and strategy and more importantly, is a lot of fun. 

After a quick introduction to the activity, we got underway with our competition. For each win, the teams were given 5 points, for a draw – 3 points and 1 point was given for a loss.

3LP got us underway on Wednesday and 3AR had their opportunity on Friday. At the end of each session, the house points were totted up and the winners announced. It was interesting to see how many sessions finished with some teams tied for points.  In 3LP, the overall winning house was the Yellow team but for 3AR, the Blue team were the winners.

When all the scores were combined, we were able to announce the Y3 champion house team for Boccia… (drum roll please…)

Congratulations to the Green team who took top spot overall! Well done to all who took part over this week, I really hope that you enjoyed playing and learning some new skills.


Claire Cormack

Claire Cormack
PE Specialist Teacher for Plympton Academy Clusters, Responsible for Partnership Mainstream SEN

Mobile: 07932 460256
Email: [email protected]

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