Skip2BFit Programme

Widey Court Primary School has recently signed up to the Skip2BFit challenge, which promotes skipping as a fitness activity. 

David McCormack, Skip2BFit Project Coordinator for the South West, has attended the PSSP Primary PE Conference the last couple of years to promote their programme.  

The aims of the Skip2Bfit 6-week programme are:-

  • To impact on pupils’ ability to learn through improving self esteem, motivation, concentration and thinking skills across the curriculum.
  • To improve pupils’ knowledge of healthy lifestyles.
  • To improve pupils’ physical all round fitness.
  • To integrate numeracy within a PE lesson.

We break skipping down into easy steps and show chidren how they can learn to skip like a boxer. Chidren love the challenge and are motivated to improve on their score. We emphasise the fact that concentration and perseverance leads to improvement which helps to develop a growth mindset. Children with a growth mindset believe qualities can be developed through dedication and effort. They are more likely to see setbacks as an opportunity and relish taking on difficult situations.

The Skip2Bfit 6-week Programme helps to develop this growth mindset in children.  Every week the children do a Skip2Bfit 2 minute skipping challenge and their score is recorded. Before they do the challenge all the children are reminded of their last score and encouraged to improve. After they skip we go through each chart. Any child who improves is allowed to ring the 'PB Bell' . What happens is the majority of the children improve week on week, which demonstates that effort leads to improvement. Children realise that if they put effort in they can improve at skipping and if they can do this at skipping they can do this in their class work. The data is recorded on the charts so schools can monitor the monitor the childrens' progress.

For more information, please contact David McCormack; [email protected] or call the office: 01843 603020 or David's mobile: 07792879937 


Anna Clooke

Anna Clooke
Partnership Leader

Telephone: 07731 471023
Mobile: 07731 471023
Email: [email protected]

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