Primary PE & Sport Premium Survey Research

Primary PE and Sport Premium Survey Research Report July 2019

Key findings 

This is self-reported information and it is difficult to directly attribute improvements specifically to the additional funding provided to schools in September 2017. However views from primary schools suggests that a good deal of progress has been made in the five priority areas which the funding aimed to improve.

Compared to 2016/17; 

• Almost 9 in 10 respondents thought that the profile of PE/Sport in supporting whole school improvement had increased (with half of all respondents reporting it had improved ‘a lot’)

• Almost 9 in 10 respondents thought that the confidence, knowledge and/or skills of all staff in teaching PE had increased ‘a little’ or ‘a lot’. 

• More than 8 in 10 thought the level of competitive sport being offered had increased ‘a little’ or ‘a lot’. Over 6 in 10 thought it had increased for all pupils. 

• Around 8 in 10 thought that the proportion of pupils doing 30 minutes of exercise a day in school had increased ‘a little’ or ‘a lot’. Also, more than 6 in 10 thought participation had increased for all pupils in PE and more than 7 in 10 thought it had increased for all pupils in extracurricular sport. 

• The vast majority of respondents (over 9 in 10) indicated that there was now a broader range of PE and sport being offered to all pupils. Almost no school reported that any of these had decreased since 2016/17. 4.3. Other findings indicate that the increased level of Premium also had positive effects on other aspects of physical activity and provision; 

• Almost 9 in 10 respondents felt that the quality of teaching of PE lessons had increased either ‘a little’ or ‘a lot’ in their school since September 2017. 

• There had been an increase in curriculum time spent in PE in around a third of schools. 

• Over 4 in 10 respondents thought that their disadvantaged pupils had increased participation in sport competitions and in PE, and over half thought they now took part more in extracurricular sport within their school. 

• Around 4 in 10 respondents also reported that more of their SEN pupils were now taking part in PE, extracurricular sport and in competitions. 

• Around half of schools reported KS2 pupils had increased participation in sports competitions, and 3 in 10 schools reported the same for KS1 pupils 

• Respondents also reported increased use of external sports coaches and specialist PE teachers to deliver PE and extracurricular sport since September 2017 (indicating an increase of more than 10 percentage points in each case). 

• In terms of the use of the Premium, most commonly schools reported that they used it to buy new equipment or improve facilities, upskill existing staff, and/or increase extracurricular sport (over 8 in 10 schools in each case).

• The most common areas in which primaries reported that they would not have invested in without the additional funding was ‘buying new equipment or improving facilities’, ‘increasing extracurricular sport’, and/or ‘employing new sports coaches’ (between 4 and 6 in every 10 schools, in each case.). 

The top priorities for future spending of the Primary PE and Sport Premium was considered to be ‘better engaging the least active pupils’, ‘reducing obesity/promoting healthy lifestyles’ (half of responses in each case) and ‘upskilling existing staff’ (a third).

The main constraints in delivering physical activity were reported as ‘lack of space or a lack of facilities’ (half of responses), and a lack of teacher skills experience or confidence (a quarter). Unprompted, a notable minority of respondents also specified ‘a lack of curriculum time’.

Feedback from open responses indicated that primary schools were overwhelmingly positive about the Premium and the effects they think it is having in their school. Suggestions for improvements or change included extending the scope to help fund facilities and capital projects, or other aspects of activity especially swimming. There were also calls to improve the DfE guidance around use of the premium.


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