Lipson Family Hockey Festival

This evening saw six schools from across Plymouth attend the Lipson Family Hockey Festival. Due to numbers, the teams were allocated groups which meant two games were being played at the same time. Salisbury Road, Montpelier, Prince Rock B and Compton A were in Group A and Laira Green, Prince Rock A, Compton B and High View were in Group B. Throughout the tournament the quality of hockey being played was amazing. The sportsmanship of every player was exceptional also, with every team shaking hands at the end of the games. Some schools even gave three cheers!. The scoring allowed for every team to gain points. A win was worth 5, a draw was worth 2 and a loss was worth 1. A slight change was made to the fixtures list, with the winners from both groups playing each other and the runners up from both groups playing one another.  This job was given to the two JSLA students who did well for their first time. Other JSLA students supported the event, with some officiating, time keeping, keeping score and supporting the teams who were waiting to play. Final results were as follows:

Group A                                           Group B

4th Prince Rock B                               4th Laira Green

3rd Salisbury Road A                          3rd High View

2nd Montpelier                                   2nd Prince Rock A

1st Compton A                                   1st Compton B

So in the runners up game Montpelier played against Prince Rock A. This was a close game with goals being scored in the last 4 minutes. The winner of this game, and festival runners up were Montpelier. In the winners game it was a whole school derby with Compton A v Compton B. Again this was a great game to watch, but after the final whistle had been blown, the result was a draw.  

Overall a good event that was made even better with the glorious weather that we had. Thank you to all the students that attended and their teachers. Without them this event would not be what it is. Thank you to the supporters that came along and to the JSLA students who helped plan, organise and run the event. Until next year! :-)

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