Bell Boat Regatta 06.06.2018

On Wednesday the 6th of June, we held our Annual Bell Boat Regatta.  19 primary schools showed up to the event with 23 teams between them full of year 5 and 6 children, with an overall count of over 200 children.

Many races were held throughout the day with 6 boats racing at a time, 8 pupils per boat.  Whilst these races were going on the other pupils from the other schools were engaging with other events and activities, such as sucker archery, volleyball, canoeing, and yoga until it was their time to race.

The first race of the day set off at 10:30, each race took around 3 minutes and the races continued until 14:30. To start with the teams were put into heats, racing against each other to determine whether they would be placed in the Plate or the Cup. The first three teams to cross the finishing line would go into the Cup, whilst the bottom three went into the Plate. 

Once all of the heats were done and the teams were placed into the Cup or the Plate we moved on to the semi-finals. First we had the semi-finals of the Plate to decide who would be going into the final, followed by another Plate semi-final to decide the rest of the teams in the final.  The teams who were through to the finals were very excited to go through and were all very happy of the work they had put in to get there! 

Following this were the Cup semi-finals showing a real level of competitiveness between the teams. After that the next Cup semi-final was held and once that had finished we had our Cup finalists. The teams were overjoyed to get through to the final whilst those who didn’t still thoroughly enjoying the event and just enjoying being in the boat with their team and doing all of the other activities throughout the day.

A lunch break was had and then we were straight back into the races, kicking it off with the Plate finals. By now the teams knew exactly what they were doing and had really taken to the bell boating, demonstrating a real understanding of what they wanted to do in order to try and win but to also have a good time whilst doing it.

The Plate final started, the teams showing a real desire to win pushed the level of the racing up, the race was quick with all the teams putting everything they had into it but in the end it was Pomphlett who came first in an extremely tight race. The teams had put everything they had into the races and by this point were knackered so post-race went off to rest, waiting to see the final race.

With little in-between the Cup finalists were ready to go and got into their boats, ready to race for the first place. The teams moved themselves over to the start line with everybody watching. The whistle was blown and the race started, the race portrayed fantastic team work from everyone and brilliant communication within the teams, once again it was an extremely close race with every team putting everything they had into it but overall there could only be one winner and by the end of the race it was Wembury, for the second year in a row, who came out on top! 

Both the teachers and the teams were all very proud of each other and they all expressed what a great time they had throughout the day. The final presentation was held giving a medal to each of the teams who came first, second, or third in their finals.  A full breakdown of the results of the day can be found below.

Everyone and every team was very pleased with their performance throughout the event, with a lot of the pupils not having ever done bell boating before, this was a real achievement and experience for many of them. The teams then departed, going back to school having had a great day and having tried something new with a competitive level that most of them hadn’t experienced before.

We'd like to thank the leaders from Hele's School for supporting the day,  Victoria Taylor for organising the Canoe Taster Sessions and Kevin Sellar who started the races for us.  We'd also like to thank Rebecca and Sophie for joining us as bell boat helms on the day.

Overall the day was a huge success for all and a real experience of quite a large scale for the pupils. Allowing them to try new things is essential for them, inside and outside of school to give them an idea of what sort of things they want to do following on into secondary school and other areas and aspects of their future.


Heats 2018.pdf 11/06/2018 422.4 KB
Semi Final and Final Results 2018.pdf 11/06/2018 428.1 KB


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Benjamin Diston
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