Plymouth SSP Whole School Stand Up 2017

On the 30th June, Plymouth SSP held its first ever Whole School Stand Up day with the intention of encouraging staff and students alike to Move More and Sit Less.

Schools from across the city signed up for day, pledging to encourage everyone to spend at least 50% of the school day stood up and moving.

Cheryl Duggan from Cathedral School of St Mary said “We've all had great fun doing this today. Movement has been introduced and used in every possible way from all the activities previously mentioned plus many others including making letter shapes for spellings, jumping for counting”.

St Peters RC also joined in with lots of activity based play, which included a game of Quidditch celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter. Staff also joined in with an alternative to the Move More, Sit Less theme using the hashtag MarkMoreSitLess.

Of course the Plymouth SSP team also had to join in and the team moved their chairs to the centre of the office, made make shift laptop and keyboard shelves and worked the day in a standing position.

The Plymouth SSP Whole School Stand Up day will return on the 29thJune 2018 and we hope to have even more schools pledge to Move More, Sit Less.

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