Real PE Course at Yealmpstone Farm

On Thursday 21st April 2016, Create Development will run an 'Introduction to Real PE' following the very popular course run in December.

What is ‘real PE’?

The ‘real PE’ programme provides a full curriculum map, fun and simple to follow Schemes of Work and support for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 practitioners that give them the confidence and skills to deliver outstanding PE. 

What makes ‘real PE’ different/unique?

The ‘real PE’ programme is based on a holistic approach which recognises the key abilities children need to be successful both within PE and Sport and across the curriculum. It is the only Scheme of Work with a curriculum map, clear learning journeys, integrated assessment framework and tools to evidence and celebrate rapid sustained progress.

The philosophy for delivery is provided by our ground breaking ‘Learning Nutrition’ programme which aims to give teachers the confidence and skills to transform their teaching in order to deliver outstanding PE. We are certain the ‘real PE’ programme and philosophy will lead the way in terms of making a real difference to the quality of provision.

How does ‘real PE’ link to the new curriculum and Ofsted requirements?

The new curriculum places an emphasis on many of the areas that are central to the ‘real PE’ programme. These include the development of Fundamental Movement Skills (agility, balance and coordination), basic skills such as running, jumping and throwing, cooperative and collaborative learning and healthy competition with a focus on Personal Best. Through our Learning Nutrition programme, integrated assessment and the progressive nature of ‘real PE’, we are confident that the programme aligns with Ofsted requirements, with a real focus on evidencing progress, Assessment for Learning (AfL) and a shift of responsibility to create more independent learners.

How does ‘real PE’ align to traditional sport provision?

The ‘real PE’ programme deliberately focuses on a multi-skill and multi-ability approach, with the aim to provide all children with the physical skills necessary to access more traditional sports as they develop. This aligns with the proposed new curriculum, particularly for Key Stage 1. As we move into Key Stage 2, we have used non-traditional games and activities from our ‘Raising the Bar’ programme as we believe that this will provide more opportunities for all children to engage in and be successful in PE. It should be pointed out however, that the Schemes of Work provide the content for one hour per week of your PE curriculum, with the assessment framework enabling you to then provide a focus for your other provision as appropriate, whether it be swimming, gymnastics, athletics, games, dance or any other alternative. 

Take a look at our real PE showcase video


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