Secondary & Special Schools Football Festival

Wednesday 17th June 2015

What a fantastic day for sport in Plymouth! The PSSP Primary Athletics was buzzing at Brickfields and we had our biggest turn out yet for our last Secondary Football at Goals for this academic year. 10 teams from special schools and mainstream schools took part today in what proved to be a hotly contested event.

The standard of Football was great – all teams played their best and there were some excellent goals and spectacular saves. Every student who took part today went away with a certificate and the winners and runners up were awarded a special certificate. We also reward an individual on every team with a medal; in order to win the much coveted medal, students need to display such fantastic qualities as excellent team work, respect and fair play – this always proves to be a hard decision for the staff as so many of their players embody these qualities.

Having entered 5 teams today, Longcause School came up with some very clever alliteration for their team names. The aptly named ‘Longcause Legends’ were the overall winners this morning having won all of their games apart from 1, giving them a huge score of 25 points. In order to establish who came second and third we needed to look at the amount of goals scored as both St.Boniface and Stoke Damerel A finished with 23 points. St.Boniface took the Runners Up position in the end by just 3 goals. All of the results can be viewed in the table below.

1st - Longcause Legends - 25 points

2nd - St.Boniface - 23 points (22 goals)

3rd - Stoke Damerel A - 23 points (19 goals)

4th - Longcause Lasers - 20 points

5th - Ridgeway - 18 points

6th - Longcause Leopards - 17 points

7th - Longcause Lizards - 16 points

8th - Stoke Damerel B - 14 points

9th - Longcause Lions  - 13 points

10th - Cann Bridge  - 11 points

This was a really fantastic way to finish of a series of brilliant competitions for this year. I hope to be able to set all of the dates for next years’ events as soon as possible and I hope I will as many of you as possible here next time. Thank you as always for bringing along your teams – I hope they enjoy it as much as I do. I would like to say a huge thank you to the young leaders from Heles school who were on hand today to referee/coach and generally help to ensure the smooth running of the event. It is thanks to them that we were able to stay on schedule and fit in all of the 9 games we had to play. Thank you to Mrs Pullyblank for arranging such quality leaders for me.

Claire Crowther

PE Specialist Teacher

Plymouth School Sports Partnership

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