YST 2015 Conference

In February 2015 four members of the Plymouth School Sports Partnership team, Rob Wright, Anna Clooke, Howard Turner and Katy Wedgewood, attended the Youth Sports Trust Conference in Telford. To mark the 20th anniversary of the Youth Sport Trust, the conference examined the future of PE, physical activity and school sport. There was a range of inspirational keynotes, seminars, consultation opportunities and sharing effective practice sessions. Copies of the presentations can be accessed via the following link;

Any partnership schools who would like further information about the sessions attended by members of the team should contact them directly. The following notes are from sessins attended by Rob Wright;

YST Conference Day 1 Opening.

PE not nice to do, need to do

Talent is not a postcode

 Kevin Carroll

Bring the requisite energy to every day. What you put out you will receive ten fold. Ask young people about hopes, dreams and aspirations.

CARE, creativity, aspirations, resilience and empathy.

Our ideas and our actions matter.  We need to constantly resonate and give out energy.

CARE, creativity, aspiration, resilience, empathy.

Choices; you can't change where your from but you can change where you are going.


Community that shapes destiny and is a catalyst. CEO chief encouragement officer for your dreams, why not? Hope enthusiasm wisdom and insight. Turn ideas into reality.

Ask what's your story, why do you come here everyday? Be a catalyst. Help others turn ideas into reality, be a human catalyst, be inclusive, inviting and welcoming.

Play, you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

A ball can change the world. Leave balls in places, we all speak ball. All play games. Community belonging connecting.

Global game changers. Invictus story. What can galvanise the community? Simple truths, Keep your eyes open, see me see my possibility, look up, shift gaze. Movement is freedom. I have no special talents I am only curious (Albert Einstein)

Time is money, you are gifted something everyday, will you waste it or maximise it? Child wrings the most out of everyday. Do one kind act everyday that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. 

 Book; The rules of the red rubber ball.

Maths of the Day (Jon Smedley)

 Using PE and active learning as a vehicle to drive up standards in Mathematics.

Aims to use pupils love of PE to impact on Maths. Teach maths through PE. Included in OFSTED 'getting to good' paper.

850 lesson plans with resources on website. Lessons meet mathematical needs outside the classroom. Focus on number work.

School needs a Maths of the Day Champion. Every teacher to use once a week for part or all of the lesson. Launch in assembly. Inform parents and governors.

Character Education

 Panel; Kevin Carroll, Maggie Alphonsi, (judge on panel for awards), Dr Tom Harrison, Sarah (Independent Sch) Mike Hamilton.

 Character Awards deadline was last Friday. Grants for innovative or existing practice close tomorrow.

 Tom; Character development is what schools have always been about. Current focus is a step towards rebalancing the focus on exam outputs. Education needs to be more than developing attainment. Character; Is it taught or caught? Currently it is often caught but there is a need to teach it; provide students with a framework that develops character in PE, PHSE, Citizenship is obvious needs to be done in all subjects English can do it through stories. Emphasis on positive characteristics in character development. (Antony Seldons policies)

 Mike Hamilton. CEO. Commando Joe's. Character, teamwork, resilience and communication. No child left behind. Service improvement model using a super soft approach. Uniform breaks down barriers. Design programme to meet SIP needs. Work from 8am-4pm with 15min break which may be 3 lots of 5 mins. Lunch with students. Working with bright tribe academy trust. Have done staff team building day.

 I am not what I have done I am what I have overcome. Toxic environment at premiership soccer clubs. Entitlement and culture (K Carroll), talent ID gets people aligned to you in basketball.

 Residential trips used to develop character.

 Break down barriers, are they attitudinal or academic. Achievement for all (Google) aura in outstanding school where everyone wants the best and has the same standards.

 Kevin Carroll; note taker. Circle things that are prominent. Language matters, MUST think about language and how we vary our voice depending on the audience. Bring in civic leaders on parents nights. The power of one, one person can really have an impact, you need the courage to step up and be that one. We raise our daughters but love our sons, we need to be makers of men. People do what they see. Actions may be small but there collective impact will be great.


YST Conference Day 2 Ali Oliver

Where should we position PE in the current climate? Time at KS4 is declining. Assumption that taking time for PE for core will improve results MUST be challenged. Health is seen as number 1 outcome from PE by young people.


Future Foundation (Melanie Howard)

Science meets creativity. Understand the past and what has shaped the present is a good place to start planning for the future.

What would it take to provide a more active and brighter future for the youth of tomorrow?

Wavelengths of change, fast, medium and slow. Each with a different input. Emerging trends inspiring(fast), challenge is working out which of these will be around long enough. Key trends shaping (medium). Contextual drivers structuring (slow), things like spaces for sport.

Visionary, desirable and probable. Sometimes valuable to look at worst case and see how to avoid it.

Prioritising drivers is key to futures work. Demographic changes will see people living longer.

Timi run everyday technology ties real world to game (China)

2035 Well resourced teachers, digitally empowered students. Need to avoid digitally distracted generation. Want a fit for purpose generation entranced by screen life. Sidelined from the real world.

 Greatest contribution. (CARE for their future) Relationship with technology, must ensure it empowers rather than disempowers young people.

Physical literacy

Personal development, health and well being and non cognitive skills.

Things can be caught and not taught. Need systems to teach. My personal best.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

EP01 Effective Practice

Dr Nicholas Ware Director PiXL Primary

Strategies for raising achievement in targeted young people.

194 Primary members. 1286 Secondary, 48 PRU members

 Moral Purpose; improving the life chances of all people, non-judgemental advisory, sustained improvement.

 Driven by values and purpose.

Expectations; belief, commitment, strong leadership.

 Wildly Important Goal; what is the one for our school? Best results the school has ever had?

 Laser sharp leadership.  "What got you here, won't get you there "Marshal Goldsmith". The SMaC recipe. Specific, methodical, consistent. (Jim Collins) relentless focus, productive paranoia. Set your wildly important goal with buy in. Set pupil predictions (professional predictions). Track the performance. Create a core team to drive the SMaC recipe, raising standards leader liaise with PiXL associate,membership, frequency of meetings Review the data, amend the strategy.

 Diagnosis, therapy, testing. DTT. Fine grade, easy for KS2/3 what about GCSE'S? 3 types of data; Potential, Predicted and Present, what pupil would get today, Potential what pupil would get on the best of all days. Predicted what I think they will get as a professional. (Most important) Need to find what they can't do and teach it.

Targeted groups KS2 marginals. Four groups of pupils, some we do not normally convert and P scales. PLC ID learning insecurity for key marginals. PiXL have got PLCs for PE.(get)  personalised intervention, who, when and how?

 Celebration. Brighter hope, better future. Celebrating success of young people, recognise their hard work and achievement.The Primary Edge. PiXL system to work outside curriculum.

Life skills; leadership, resilience

Contender award Yr3/4 activity for a term that has to be written about, every child should be able to get but some take longer than 2yrs. and Champion award Yr5/6. Secondary system. Awards support KS2/3 transition. Looking to develop for non members through YST.



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