An excellent day at the Year 7 Olympics

After an warm and sunny day at the year 7 school game Olympics and young man from Plymstock emailed us this letter of thanks. I think this sums up the idea of the this annual event and would like to thank Leon for his email.

Thank you for giving me, Leon Steadman the opportunity to go to Brickfields today 8th May 2012, to take part in the olympics as part of the South Africa team. I had a a brilliant time. First I got to attempt the Vortex Throw, I managed to throw 35metres on my best attempt. After this I attempted the long jump, at best I achieved  2 metres and had one false jump. I then had a go at the 100 metres which I ran in 14 seconds and the 800 metres which I ran in 4mins 39seconds. The 800 metres was longer and harder than I expected !

In the afternoon I represented Plymstock school or South Africa in the cycling tournament, this involved Slalom, uphill ( a very steep hill!), downhill and also some dismounts. After a dismount the chain on my bike came off and a kind boy from Eggbuckland stopped in the middle of the race and turned my bike upside down and fixed my chain. I am very grateful to him as I would have finished last otherwise! The cycling was my favourite event out of all the events I tried.

Overall South Africa (Plymstock School year 7 team) came in at 5th and it was a great say. I enjoyed it all and hope I get to go again soon

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