School Games Bee Netball Yr 5/6 - Competitive

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Event description

**If you enter on this date, you are entering the competitive event and not the Festival.  These will be competitive games and scores will be recorded. If you want to play in a more relaxed competition or a fun festival, please look at the other events on 15th and 16th January 2024.

Intent – why?


Provide a competitive pathway event that goes through to Devon Finals

Developing good sportsmanship

Learning to win/lose graciously

Intent – who?

Competitive Yr 5/6
Very active
Most able


  • This year the teams that have entered will be randomly drawn into two pools where they will play a round robin tournament.
  • Roatations are expected to be followed and rotation sheets will be sent out before the event.
  • Teams are to made up of 7 or 8 pupils with a maximum 3 boys in a team and two on the court at once.
  • There will be no final between the pools.
Non–subscribing schools will be able to attend this event for a £50 fee which will go towards the cost of the venue and equipment.   Non-subscribing schools can book their place through the website, by clicking the BOOK NOW button (you do not need an account to do this).  We will invoice your school for your attendance fee, after the event.