Lipson Primary Cross Country event

Close Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event

Event description

Rearranged cross country.

Taking place at Lipson Cooperative Academy.

Prompt start at 12:20. Due to this event taking place during school hours, spectators ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND! Please can you make sure that parents are aware of this when organising your team.

There will be 4 races in total

Year 3/4 girls first

Year 3/4 boys second

Year 5/6 girls third

Years 5/6 boys forth

Each team can have up to a maximum of 10 runners, but only the first 4 results from each school will be added up and used as the total. 

The event will take place if wet. Only if the weather poses a risk to the compeititors will  be be cancelled. A track check will be conducted by 9am on the 17th and schools will be informed if the event has been cancelled. Due to this, please make sure that children wear suitable clothing and have dry clothing etc to wear afterwards. There will be some waiting around between events, so warm, waterproof clothing would be advisable, along with spare shoes. 

A risk assessment has been emailed to PE coordinators. A PSSP one is available on request. 

Please make sure that of the students who will be attending, you are aware of the ones who are able to have their photos taken, as Lipson will be taking some for the use of their website and social media pages.