PSSP Quicksticks Event

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Event description

This event is being run by Josh Gilbert, if you have any questions please email on [email protected]

This event will be split into two different groups. There will be a competitive group consisting of a round robin tournament and there will also be a group that will consist of coached games and hockey activties. The PSSP will be in contact for you to decide which group you would like to be in before the event. 


Intent – why?

Build confidence to engage in physical activity and try new sports and physical activities

Develop sport/event specific skills and understanding

Develop transferable physical skills and tactical awareness

Intent – who?

Yr 5/6 
Most able (more able/G&T)
Very active


Games are played between two teams

Each team must consist of a minimum of three females and squads can consist of 10 with a maximum of five females and five males in years 5 and / or 6

There will be no GoalkeepersUmpires

The Plymouth School Sports Partnership will provide umpires for all games throughout the day.


There is NO restricted zone

6 outfield players – goalkeepers or kicking backs are not permitted

3 girls on the pitch at all times

Substitutions are made on the centre line, and are allowed at any time, except following the award of a penalty shot

It is strongly recommended that shin-protectors and mouth-guards are worn by all outfield players at all times, (inclusive of training sessions/games)

Games will be 10 minutes with no half time.

The game is started with a hit or push taken from the centre of the centre line. It follows the umpires whistle as play commences at the start of each half, and after a goal has been scored Each team must be positioned in their own half of the pitch and the opposing players must be a minimum of 5 metres from the ball until the centre pass is played

The ball can be played forwards, backwards or sideways and must move a minimum of 1 metre before being played by a player of the same team

The taker can use a self-pass (i.e. pass the ball to themselves)

The pass must involve two very distinct actions i.e. the taker must first tap it forwards, sideways or backwards and then play it a second time either to pass it or to dribble it

Over the side-line:o When the ball passes completely over the side-line it shall be put into play along the ground in any direction by a hit, a push or a self pass taken by an opponent of the player who last touched it. This is called a side-line hit-ino Until the hit-in is taken, no opposition player shall be within 5 metres of the ball

Over the back-line off an attacking player: When the ball passes over the back-line off one of the attacking players and no goal is scored, the game is re-started with a hit to the defence. This is called a hit-out. The ball can be hit, pushed or a self pass can be played. It is to be taken level with the top of the shooting circle and in line with the place where it crossed over the back-line

Over the back-line off a defending player: If the ball is accidentally played over the back-line by a defending player and no goal is scored, the game is re-started with a corner to the attacking team. The corner can be hit, pushed or a self pass can be playedo The corner is taken on the side-line, 3 metres from the corner of the pitch and the ball can be played directly into the circle

No player, other than the taker, shall be within 5 metres of the ball until it is played

In place of a penalty corner – a free pass will be awarded to the attacking team, 5m outside the shooting circle

Free Hit:o Free hits are to be taken close to where the offence occurred. The ball can be hit, pushed, scooped or a self-pass can be played. The ball may be raised immediately using a push, flick or scoop but must not be raised intentionally using a hit

The ball must be stationary at a free hit and if passed to another player of the same team (i.e. it is not a self pass) it must move a minimum of 1 metre before being played by another player of the same teamo Until the free hit is taken, all opposition players must be a minimum of 5 metres from the ball

Opponents who remain within 5 metres when the free hit is taken (this is very common when the self pass is used) must not interfere with the play until they have moved 5 metres away from where the free hit was taken, or the ball has moved 5 metres. Running alongside the taker (channelling) will be penalised as interference

If the free hit is awarded within 5 metres of the shooting circle, all players except the taker must be a minimum of 5 metres from the ball. The ball must move a minimum of 5 metres (in any direction) before it can be directly played into the circle. However, when a corner is awarded, the ball CAN travel straight into the circle

A free hit awarded within 5 metres of the circle must first be moved back 5 metres from the circle edge before it can be taken. Again it cannot be directly hit or pushed into the circle

Note: Rough or dangerous play shall not be allowed, nor any behaviour which in the opinion of the umpire, amounts to misconduct

Players must not intentionally use any part of their body to play the ball (except the hand to protect them in a dangerous situation)

Players must not play at any high ball with the stick held at above shoulder height unless they are attempting to prevent a goal from being scored (i.e. to defend a shot on goal). The shot must be on target! If it is going wide of the post or over the cross bar the defending player is not permitted to try to play at it with the stick at above shoulder height

Players must not use the rounded side of the stick when playing the ball and when striking the ball, the stick must in no way cause danger, nor lead to dangerous play, or be intimidating to any opponento Players must not play in any way that is dangerous

Players must not deliberately kick the ballo Players must not obstruct by running between an opponent and the ball, thereby unfairly preventing the opponent from playing the ball. Neither must they use any part of their body or stick to obstruct a playero Players must not hold, charge, kick, shove, intentionally trip, or strike any player or umpire

If the game is temporarily suspended because of an accident or injury where no offence occurred it shall be re-started with a bully close to the spot where the incident occurred, they shall tap the ground with their stick once and tap each other’s stick above the ball once


A goal is scored when the ball has been struck by, or deflected off, any player while it (the ball) is in the shooting circle. It must cross completely over the goal-line between the goal-posts and under the cross-bar

A penalty goal will be awarded if a defending player deliberately uses their feet or body to stop the ball crossing the goal line (only awarded if a definite goal would have been scored)

If teams are tied on the same points then goal difference will decide. If still tied then goal for, then goals against.

If still tied penalty runs – 3 penalty runs then sudden death


Any questions please contact Josh on [email protected]