Indoor Rowing Coaching Day


Event description

Indoor Rowing Coaching Days

Indoor rowing is a great way to get students to try out a physical activity that is an individual event that also doubles up as a team event.  Rowing often appeals to students who may not enjoy traditional sporting activities. 

We can deliver sessions to approximately 60 children in 1 day (note that if you’d like to have more than 60 children taking part, you will probably need to book more than 1 coaching day).  The number of days used will be deducted from your coaching days allowance that’s part of your PSSP subscription (3 days per academic year).


We will require a room that has adequate space for 8 rowing machines and background activities/games, as well as access to a projector and screen.  We will arrive around 08:00am on the day to unload the van and set up the machines.  We’ll need access to unload the van as close as possible to the room as the machines are heavy.  We will also require somewhere to park the van for the day.

Pupils will have a chance to practise the correct technique and then race individually for 2 minutes; their total distance will be recorded.  During the last session, pupils will be put into teams of 8 (4 boys and 4 girls) and will race for 4 minutes (30 seconds per child); their total distance will be recorded.

The indoor rowing experience will be tailored to suit your school day, but an example timetable is below:

·       Arrive & set up                  08:00

·       Session 1 (Class 1)            09:00 – 10:30

·       Session 2 (Class 2              10:30 – 12:00

·       Lunch                                12:15 – 13:25

·       Team Races (Class 1)        13:40 – 14:30

·       Team Races (Class 2)        14:30 – 15:20