SDCC Year 1&2 Football FestivalClose Window

Sorry, this event has been cancelled


This event is run by Rachael Crowe ([email protected])

The festival shall consist of training style activities and then semi-competitive games. 

The Festival shall be played on the astroturf pitch, plastic moulded studs, trainers or astroturf boots are required ---NO METAL STUDS---

Squad sizes of 10

Teams of 6 with a 50/50 split. If you wish to enter 2 teams please email [email protected]

The festival shall be outdoors with limited shelter available.

***Shinpads are required*** (Some available to borrow)

Please ensure your students bring appropriate clothing, footwear and adequate food/drink.

---Parents are not permitted on site---

Please use the main reception to access the school. If minibus parking is required please contact [email protected]