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Sorry, this event has been cancelled


* This event is being organised by Josh Gilbert; [email protected] *

New for 2020; Primary Dodgeball competition 

Teams will be of 6 children with 4 on the court at anytime (unless out) 2 girls must be on the court at the start of the game

- One game lasts for two minutes. A match is best of five games.

• Teams receive three points for a game won, two points for a game drawn and one points for a game lost. In the event of a tie a one minute overtime period is played.

• Games are played on a doubles badminton court. A two-foot centre zone is marked across the centre of the court using non marking tape.

• Three dodgeballs are used and positioned in the centre zone at the start of each game. Players must run back to the back line before the ball can be in play 

• A player is out if a direct throw from an opposing team player hits them below head height. If a throw hits a player in the face they are still in

• A player is out if their throw is caught by a member of the opposing team. A successful catch enables a player who is already out to return to the game; this must always be the first player who was out and they must return behind the return line.

• If a player is hit by a throw and a teammate catches that same ball before it hits any other surface then they have saved the first player hit from being out.

• A player may use a ball in their possession to block a thrown ball – they must ensure they keep full control of the ball they are holding.

Any questions then please contact - [email protected]