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Sorry, this event has been cancelled


This event is run by Claire Cormack [email protected]

This event is open to primary age SEND students from mainstream and special schools. The event is aimed at giving SEND studentsand low abilityperformers an opportunity to compete but also to allow them to demonstrate team work, effort, respect, sportsmanship... this isnot aimedat students who could compete for either an A, B or C school team (we need to try to ensure that there is an even ability among all schools).

5 'a' side – 1 team per school due to the popularity of this event.

Please arrive at 10:15 for a 10:30am start (finish at 12:30pm).

Please bring a Football (clearly labelled with your school name) and a set of bibs.

Trainers or astro boots would be appropriate as the event will be held on the all weather pitches at Goals. Please ensure that they have shin pads and drinks. We may take photographs for publicity reasons so please seek parental consent.