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Option 4 - FA Active Play Through Storytelling – Delivered by the FA

The programme uses the power of storytelling to engage more girls aged five to eight years old in active play. The stories will be used to develop the girls’ fundamental movement skills, teamwork and social skills and their confidence in sharing ideas with others, whilst encouraging them to read for enjoyment. These changes should all lead to improved academic performance. Your role as an Activator will be to immerse the girls within the stories and encourage them to get more active as part of this.

Course Outcomes

Confidence and competence to deliver high-quality active play that is engaging for girls;

Understand how to deliver creative, fun and engaging physical activity sessions for girls;

Access to ready-made resources to help children achieve the recommended target of 60 active minutes per day;

Opportunity to engage parents and carers to use the activities within the home environment;

Ensure the inclusion of all young people.