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Option 2 - PE for the NQT - Delivered by the YST

Despite the title, this course is aimed at any NQT, RQT or established member of staff new to teaching PE. It will support colleagues to deliver high quality Physical Education across the primary age range. Including; how to engage all pupils, appropriate stage and age development and provide progression and differentiation strategies. It will also support teaching staff to demonstrate evidence against the teaching standards


Aims and Objectives

Provide schools with cutting edge, innovative professional development that encourages them to put PE and school sport at the heart of their schoolSupport schools to network with likeminded schools and improve their practiceIncrease schools understanding of the opportunities available from the YST and for existing members to maximise their membership 


Course Outcomes

To explain the importance of physical education in the holistic development of the childTo describe the TOP Start approach and how it enables children to become physically literateTo develop observation skills to pinpoint where children are and how to help them improveBe able to develop competent movers by using the TOP Start and TOP PE approach together with existing appropriate resources and your skills as a teacherConsider how to develop this approach in your school