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Option 1 - Subject Leadership – Delivered by the YST

Primary subject leadership modules are particularly suited for those new to the role of PE subject coordinator. This course will help practitioners to understand the role of a PE Coordinator and shape a vision for PE and school sport in their school.


Aims and Objectives

Provide schools with cutting edge, innovative professional development that encourages them to put PE and school sport at the heart of theirschool Support schools to network with like-minded schools and improve their practice Increase schools understanding of the opportunities available from the YST and for existing members to maximise their membership


Course Outcomes

An understanding of the role of a PE Coordinator in the current PE, physical activity and school sport landscape.

 An understanding of how to shape a vision for PE and school sport within their school setting.

Ability to prioritise needs through a RAG(Red, Amber, Green) rating process.

Identification of the links between whole school and PE objectives.

Production of a development plan for PE focusing on maintenance and development.