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Sorry, this event has been cancelled


This event is run by Josh Gilbert; [email protected]

Non–subscribing schools will be able to attend this event for a fee, as it is part of the School Games Pathway and as a Partnership we receive funding for the School Games Organiser.  Non-subscribing schools must email [email protected] to book their place.

Rounders – Rules and Competition Information


Each team has a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 9 players. Teams cannot have more than five or less than one boy on the pitch at any one time.

Players once substituted may return during the game, but bat only in the position of their original number


In the Yr 5/6 competition a Rounders England approved soft, stitched white leather ‘Softy’ Rounders ball will be used


20 good balls per innings, 1 innings per side


1 Rounder if ball is hit and 4th post is reached and touched before next ball is bowled1 Rounder if ball is hit and 4th post reached on a no ball (you can’t be caught out)

½ Rounder if 4th post reached without hitting the ball½ Rounder if ball is hit and 2nd post reached and touched before next ball is bowled - but if you continue this run and are put out before reaching 4th post, the score will be nullified

Penalty ½ Rounder for an obstruction by a fielder

Penalty ½ rounder for 2 consecutive no balls to same batter1 Rounder for a backward hit if 4th post reached (you stay at 1st while ball is in the backward area)

The team with the highest number of Rounders wins

Running around the track

If you stop at a post you must keep contact with the post, with hand or bat. If you don’t the fielding side can stump the following post to put you outYou can run on to a post even if it has been previously stumped (you don’t score if the post immediately ahead has been stumped)

When the bowler has the ball in his square you cannot move on, but if you are between posts you can carry on to the nextYou cannot have two batters at a post. The Umpire will ask the first to run on when the second one makes contactAt a post you do not have to move on for every ball bowled

Once in contact with the post, you may turn the corner over the 2 metre line. If you turn the corner during a run and there is no contact with the post you will be deemed to have turned the corner and must run on.

Out when


Foot over front/back line of batting square before hitting or missing a good ball

Running inside post (unless obstructed)The post you are running to is stumpedYou lose contact with post during bowlers action when he has possession in the square

You overtakeYou obstruct (you have right of way on track only)

Deliberately throw bat


Wait in the backward area well away from 4th postIf out, wait in the backward area well away from 1st post

You will have one good ball bowled to you

Batter can use 2 hands

No ball if:Not smooth underarm action

Ball is above head - below knee

Ball bounces on way to you

Is wide or straight at body

The bowlers foot is outside the square during the bowling action

You can take or run on a no ball, but once you reach 1st post you cannot return. You cannot be caught out and you score in the normal way