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Option 3 – My Personal Best delivered by Youth Sports Trust

My Personal Best Primary is a one day course for primary school headteachers and the PE lead. It is a whole school approach to teaching and learning in PE, where life skills and values, such as cooperation, responsibility and resilience are taught explicitly through practical PE. It explores life skills in practical ways in PE, helping children to recognise the skills and transfer them to other lessons, to life in school and their wider lives – now and for the future, so they can be the best they can be in every way.

Aims and Objectives

Using PE and sport as a tool for whole school improvement

Course Outcomes

Practitioners will:

Explain the importance of developing pupils’ life skills

Recognise what “life-skilled” looks like in their pupils

Identify the potential to develop life skills through PE

Describe how My Personal Best could be embedded in their school

Demonstrate a life skills approach to teaching and learning in PE

Plan how to implement My Personal Best in their teaching

Young people will:

Develop and apply life skills that will support them to flourish in PE, school and life

Have improved health and wellbeing and personal skills

Be better at understanding and working with others (social skills)

Increase their potential achievement and readiness for life