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Option 2 – Active Maths delivered by ‘Maths of the Day’

Using Physical Activity to raise attitudes and attainment in maths

The course looks at the research, rationale and benefits of active learning and gives teachers practical ideas on how to implement active maths into the curriculum.

Delegates will be introduced to the highly acclaimed and praised resource ‘Maths of the Day’ – a multi-award-winning website that provides teachers with 1,800+ lesson plans on how to deliver the whole of the maths curriculum through physical activity.

Aims and Objectives:

Delegates will learn how active maths can:

- Raise levels of physical activity

- Raise attitudes to maths

- Raise attainment in maths

- Contribute to whole child and whole school development


Course Outcomes:

Delegates will leave with a variety of ideas and practical activities to use back in their own classroom, key messages to deliver to school staff and a discount code for the cost of an annual subscription to MOTD.