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Option 1 – Active Literacy delivered by Youth Sports Trus

Using PE and sport to raise achievement

Active Literacy uses PE and sport with practical learning approaches to support the teaching of English across the school. Based on research and trials in primary schools across the country. It has been written by teachers for teachers, so it gets to the heart of the challenges and offers evidence based solutions. The format provides numerous opportunities to share and develop ideas in collaboration with other teachers.Delegates will receive active lesson ideas incorporating activity and English linked to reading, writing, speaking and listening. Delegates will also receive a course booklet with activity ideas linked to the National Curriculum. Included are 10 ideas for teaching using the context of PE and sport as an inspiration or pure practical activities.

Aims and Objectives

Using PE and Sport as a tool for whole school improvement

Course Outcomes

The Practitioner will:

Gain understanding of the link between PE/ Sport and English and how to apply it to the school setting.  Have an opportunity to share ideas and be part of a learning community that develops good practice for literacy teaching across all Key Stages

Young People will:

Become more engaged and inspired by the active learning strategies which will help them to aspire to achieve in literacy through active learning