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KS2 Active Agents

Attention: PSSP Active Heroes  - we need you!

Over the next few weeks, we need you to get your household active. We need the very best people on the job. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to complete different activities every day to make sure we all stay fit and healthy? Only the best will survive – do you accept the challenge?

Let’s do this!

Captain Cormack, PSSP

Step 1: Download the KS2 Active Heroes Booklet

Step 2: Each day, choose the activities that you are going to do. Colour in the activity after you have completed it and get a parent/guardian to sign over it. Feel free to change th activities for some of your own - just make sure they are active.

Step 3: Send copies of your completed weeks to your teachers so they can give you your awards.

Complete 2 challenges in a day = Bronze

Complete 3 challenges in a day = Silver

Complete 4 challenges in a day =Gold

Complete 5 challenges in a day = Platinum

*All links and resources that you need can be found on this page. Want to tell us how well you are doing? Get permission and then Tweet us @plymouthssp

Good Luck Agents! We know you can do it.

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