Tor Bridge Year 1 Multi Skills 23.03.18

What a fantastic afternoon of sport at Tor Bridge High. 16 young leaders from our school hosted 7 primary school teams at our annual Y1 Multi Skills festival. Teams from Bickleigh Down, Compton, Leigham, Mary Deans, Thornbury, Tor Bridge Primary and Widewell all came along to take part in our skills based festival.

The activities ranged from tests of skill and accuracy with the Bean Bag Throw; team events such as a Sprint Relay and Ladder Relay; speed and agility with the Speed Bounce and even a test of strength with the Chest Push challenge.

It was fantastic to see so many children taking part and having fun. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Leadership Academy, it is thanks to you all that the event ran as smoothly as it did and that everyone had so much fun.

There was a fantastic atmosphere today and it was so great to see all the adults enjoying it as well as the children. Every child that took part today received a certificate and the overall winning team received a special certificate.

Congratulations to Bickleigh Down who were our overall winners on the day having accumulated the most points across the 5 scored events —they must have had some super quick children as they scored the most points in 3 events (Speed Bounce/Ladder Relay and Sprint Relay) and Thornbury Primary were hot on their heels winning the remaining 2 scored events (Bean Bag Throw and Chest Push).

In the end the scores were so close that between first and second place their was only 1 point in it and between 4th and 5th there was just 0.1 difference! A huge well done to all of the teams who took part today, we could see how hard you were all trying to get points for your teams and we were all very proud of you.

A full break down of the results can be found below. As well as competing for points for their team, there were some events where the children had the opportunity to compete for an individual medal; Jessie from Tor Bridge Primary won the medal for the girls in the Speed Bounce; Billy from Bickleigh Down took the top spot for the boys; Emma (Leigham) and Ruby (Compton) were joint first in the Chest Push and for the boys it was Zac (Tor Bridge); Maisie (Thornbury) scored the most points out of the girls in the Bean Bag Throw and there was tie again for first place for the boys—Garan (Thornbury) and Henry (Mary Deans) took the honour.

Congratulations to all our winners. I really hope that all of the competitors from today enjoyed themselves, everybody was trying so hard but it was great to see so many smiles as well.  I am already looking forward to our Y2 event coming up soon!


Claire Cormack

Claire Cormack
PE Specialist Teacher for Plympton Academy Clusters, Responsible for Partnership Mainstream SEN

Mobile: 07932 460256

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