Recent OFSTED Inspection – Points to Consider

One of the PSSP Primary Schools have been recently inspected by OFSTED. The school are happy for us to share the following points to consider;

§ School Website

* The Inspector thoroughly checked the information on the school website

§ Your funding report must be on your school website

§ The funding reports must be accurate and up to date

§ School Games Mark

* The Inspector wanted to discuss the School Games Mark award

§ You should have accurate evidence to support the mark that your school has achieved

§ Complete a percentage comparison against any higher School Games Mark to show where you can improve

§ Continuous Professional Development

* The Inspector was very interested in this aspect of their spending

§ The PE Co-ordinator was asked during their meeting for an in depth case study

§ Sustainability

* The Inspector wanted to dig deeper about sustainability

§ How can you prove the money you spent in previous years will benefit future children?

§ Swimming

* The Inspector wanted to know if the school plans had changed and if they were spending more money this year on top-ups etc.

§ The details of swimming were included in their action plan, but the Inspector still wanted to know more

§ Impact

* The Inspector wanted to know the impact of everything the school have done

§ It’s important to evaluate the impact of the previous years’ spending and is also worth publishing this on your school website

§ Other Points

* Play Leader Training – do you have this in place?

* Extra Curricular Clubs – what do you offer?

* Active Classrooms

* Personal Challenges – do you have a daily mile challenge or similar?

* Social Media – what do you use it for?

* Competitions – what have you entered and how do the children benefit?

* Gifted & Talented Opportunities

* SEND Opportunities

As a result of the thorough work that the PE Coordinator has completed for their school, the Inspector’s comments were very positive;

“Leaders use the sport premium funding well to both improve pupils’ participation in sport and develop staff expertise through external coaching. In 2017, for recognition of pupils’ participation in sport, the school received the gold ‘Sports Mark’ award. Leaders’ plans for physical education (PE) and sport are meticulous and precise. They ensure that pupils of all abilities can engage and compete in a wide range of sporting activities.”

We’d like to say thank you to the Headteacher and PE Coordinator for the information they have shared with us. It will no doubt provide all of our schools with several things to consider when they are preparing, updating and evaluating their Primary PE & Sport Funding.


Anna Clooke

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