Tor Bridge Year 5 & 6 Football 07.12.17

What a fantastic afternoon of sport at Tor Bridge High!

8 teams came along today to take part in our annual Tor Bridge Family Y5 & 6 Football Festival.  We had teams from Bickleigh Down, Montpelier, Glen Park, Leigham and Tor Bridge Primary all come along to compete and have some fun. As well as being a great opportunity to meet new people and play against other schools, today was an opportunity for us to celebrate teamwork

We focused on one of the School Games values today and each of the teams came up with numerous ways in which they think teamwork would help them when playing sports. After deciding on a plan for their team they were able to put this in to action when playing.  There was some great football played today and it was fantastic to see people encouraging each other, passing and working really effectively as a team.

We played a round robin event with 5 points awarded for a win, 3 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. Congratulations to Tor Bridge Primary ‘A’ team who were our overall winners on the day. Leigham were a very close second and Montpelier ‘A’ were only 6 points behind them in third place.

Well done to everyone who took part today—you all played incredibly well, especially in the freezing conditions. Full table of results below.

Also braving the cold weather for us today were our young leaders from Tor Bridge High. I would like to say a huge thank you to Bethan, Reece, Molly, Jason, Mia and James for their great work refereeing and running the games—you did a brilliant job, thank you.

I hope that all who came along today enjoyed the event, I certainly did (despite not being able to feel my fingers at the end); I am already looking forward to our next family event.

Mrs Cormack


Claire Cormack

Claire Cormack
PE Specialist Teacher for Tor Bridge, Responsible for Partnership Mainstream SEN

Mobile: 07932 460256

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