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Sorry, this event has been cancelled


This event is run by Lance Chatfield; lance.chatfield@sirjohnhunt.plymouth.sch.uk

Open to Year's 7 & 8.

Grass track rules        

2 Teams of 4 riders per school one year 7 and one year 8 (two boys and two girls per year group)       

There will be a year 7 competition and a year 8 competition, with the combined results deciding the overall winning school        

Each race will be timed and the times added up, lowest time wins        

Times of years 7&8 will be combined in order to decide the winning school. In the event of a tie, the team with the fastest time will be the winner.         

The race format is the Team Pursuit – it’s one of the Olympic events in which GB men’s and women’s teams won gold medals        

Race is 6 laps       

Teams must maintain a gap of NO MORE than 2 bike lengths.

If teams become fragmented they will be given a warning and will have 1 lap in order to bring the team back together, if they fail to do this they will receive a 5 second penalty.        

Riders must change the lead rider every lap. Failure to do so will result in a 5 second penalty. However teams are allowed to “lose” one rider once they have completed three laps of the race. This rider must move out to the outside of the track and ensure they do not impede the other team        

The official timing the team will let them know what lap they’re on each time they pass their start line     

The team’s time is taken on the third rider to cross the line

Teams must only consist of 4 riders, reserves or substitutes are not allowed

Non–subscribing schools will be able to attend this event for a fee, as it is part of the School Games Pathway and as a Partnership we receive funding for the School Games Organiser.  Non-subscribing schools must email anna.clooke@sirjohnhunt.plymouth.sch.uk to book their place.