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DATE: Wednesday 17th May 2017

VENUE: Plymouth High School for Boys Astro Turf

TIME: 3.45 to 5.45

Please be aware;

This day will also be used to train the Young Officials for the main tag event and they will be receiving training from the RFU during the afternoon prior to the event.

The laws for the day will be as per the main Level 2 Event and schools can enter as many teams as they wish.

The concept for the event is that students have a positive fun experience of a tag rugby festival, get used to the laws of the game, get an understanding of how to play the game, meet the young officials and understand how the main level 2 festival will run. 

The Warm Up Event will follow the new RFU Age Grade Rugby guidance and will be run as a non-competitive festival without scoring during the games and with no finals or overall winners!